Hindi मैदान maidān ° Urdu میدانmaidān ° Persian میدانmeydân ° Arabic مَيْدَانmaydān  ° Proto-Indo-European médʰyos ° Sanskrit मध्य madhya ° Latin medius

The maidan is the archetype of urban squares and gathering places across the world.
Often governed as a common, it is a place of play, democracy and revolt, of hope and shelter.

As a studio maidan is research and design, architecture and urbanism, curiosity and interdisciplinary collaboration. Arisen out of necessity maidan operates on urban emergencies in territories facing natural hazards, the consequences of climate change or disease outbreaks. 


Stefanie is trained in civil engineering-architecture and urbanism at the KULeuven in Belgium and is passionate about urban projects that cross scales and disciplines. She pursues an architectural & urban design practice that are rooted in socio-cultural, economical, spatial and territorial explorations and believes in the power of a well-crafted, tailor-made design based on the (re)interpretation of local knowledge. She is keen on interdisciplinary projects and has experience in Asia (Indonesia, China and Nepal), Africa (Zimbabwe and Ethiopia) and Europe (Belgium, Austria and Germany). Stefanie currently combines project work with academic research.
She is part of the Belgian think tank Friday Group


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